Thursday, 5 April 2007

lil' wayne and the ukulele orchestra of great britain: together at last!

the bootleg of The Drought 3 that's currently doing the rounds won't settle any arguments over whether lil' wayne is or isn't the best in the game. but it's got plenty of the usual barmy similes, one-liners and croaky southern slang, with not too many useless skits or clumsy guest spots.

there's less of wayne's new jamaican accent than i'd expected, which is a shame. and while he still hasn't got round to covering 'cortez the killer' yet, here's his take on gnarls barkley. only nine months late:

lil' wayne - 'crazy' (gnarls barkley cover)

pitchfork referred last week to wayne's "sentimental-absurdist kurt vonnegut phase". SMH @ pitchfork, i think. are their writers competing for a spot in idolator's pick of the fork feature?


linked tenuously by the concept of kerr-azy cover versions, here's the setlist for last week's ukulele orchestra of great britain gig. it speaks for itself, so no review. but if you ever get the chance, see these guys, and take your parents, grandparents and kids.

1. running wild (marilyn

2. silver machine (hawkwind)

3. misirlou (dick dale)

4. plagiarism medley: life on mars (david bowie) / my way (frank sinatra) / for once in my life (stevie wonder) / substitute (the who) / born free

5. hot tamales, they’re red hot (robert johnson)

6. ying tong tiddle ine po (spike milligan)

7. anarchy in the uk (sex pistols)

8. slave to the rhythm (grace jones)

9. the good, the bad and the ugly (ennio morricone)

10. theme from shaft (isaac hayes)

11. leanin' on a lamppost (george formby)

12. psycho killer (talking heads)

13. ricky don’t lose that number (steely dan)

14. miss dynamitee (ms. dynamite)

15. rock around the clock (bill haley)

16. teenage dirtbag (wheatus)

17. whistling solo

18. respect (otis redding)

19. g.w.f. handel medley: fly me to the moon (tony bennett) / i will survive (gloria gaynor) / memories / autumn leaves / killing me softly (roberta flack) / hotel california (eagles)

more fun:

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