Wednesday, 11 March 2009

best behaviour

if i could sing, i would sing 'never turn your back on mother earth' by sparks.

sparks - 'never turn your back on mother earth'

given half a chance, i would do so while riding on the bonnet of a car, carrying a massive sword. the result would be pretty faithful, moderately countrified, and would sit comfortably towards the middle of my well-received album about love and the forces of nature.

there's nothing silly about this, so why you choose to hate?

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

sloop jay dee

GMS has never been a raving apostle for james 'j "jay dee" dilla' yancey, possibly because i don't smoke weed / take myself seriously / own an expensive stereo / respect the dead.

however, i was surfing the internet, looking for pictures of young men playing with goats, when i came across this:

i think this is from a while back. it's by a chap called bullion. well done, that man. it's good because hearing snippets of songs i know makes me feel cool, knowledgeable and safe.

nobody tell mike love, please.

beach boys / j dilla - 'here today'
beach boys / j dilla - 'i know there's an answer'

Monday, 9 March 2009

liquor and poker

i'm pleased - moved, even - that cam'ron has worked a "barely even know her" gag into his new record. i invented that gag, children, but cam'ron can have this one for free.

cam'ron ' 'cookies and apple juice'

i'm even more impressed that he's dovetailed it with a reference to the Flying Scotsman.

it's downhill from there, though - i think he's talking about wee.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

final level boss

here's footage of my chemical romance completing rock band on 'moderate difficulty'. hark - they've unlocked bob dylan.

is this emo, though? i'm keen to know where i stand.