Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Mike Love not war

Grand Daddy IU, getting his lean on

First up: if you've landed here via Berkeley Place, Passion of the Weiss, or Idolator, welcome. "Mad props" to those guys for the links.

Further to my previous post about rap and rock: here's an unlikely but rather fine collision between golden age hip hop and the Beach Boys. Who's responsible, you ask? P Diddy? PM Dawn? Dr. Eugene Landy? All wrong: it's mixtape impresario Mick Boogie and 13th-century Venetian merchant Marco Polo! 'Veteran' from their excellent (and free) Newport Authority mixtape, puts together Cold Chillin' MC Grand Daddy I.U. and 'Good Vibrations'.

Grand Daddy I.U. - 'Veteran'

Just don't anybody tell Mike Love. When it comes to lawsuits, that boy don't play.
Common got all his ideas from Mike Love

Mick Boogie and Little Brother And Justus For All is also worth your time
Grand Daddy IU homepage
"I can even find it in my heart to love Mike Love"


Anonymous said...

You listen to Newport Authority yet? Shit is fly as fuck. the Little Brother mixtape? Not so much. They've fallen off.



Ass Hat said...

hi ekko,

newport authority is excellent - especially for a late 90s east coast fan like myself. i'm not so familiar with little brother, so if they've fallen off now, i'm intrigued to hear their earlier stuff.