Monday, 23 April 2007

Vanishing Point > Death Proof

so, quentin tarantino is this guy who makes excellent mixtapes, and strings them together with a few half-baked ideas and cool-looking images. if he had any sense in his head, he'd be a music blogger, because music bloggers make loads of money and get hot chicks doing exactly that. right? but instead, he's just an above-average movie director. the loser.

anyway, his latest effort, death proof, pays homage to early-1970s existentialist road movie vanishing point. which is commendable, because vanishing point (known in germany as fluchtpunkt san francisco, amazingly) is the greatest movie of all time, and has the greatest movie soundtrack of all time - combining funk, soul, gospel, country, bluegrass, acid freakouts and hard rock - all hosted (in the film) by dj super soul, who is ever so slightly cooler than dj khaled.

back in the day - the day before ebay, amazon and all this filesharing on the internets, that is - i spent many an hour searching for a vinyl copy of vanishing point. i never succeeded, though i did find copies of pacific ocean blue and the elvis presley seance along the way. but thanks to the good folks at harkit records, it briefly became available on CD and is well worth seeking out.

here are three choice cuts to listen to while driving your muscle car into a bulldozer in nevada:

bobby doyle - the girl done got it together

mountain - mississippi queen

kim and dave - nobody knows

(note - that's kim as in kim carnes, after leaving the new christy minstrels and before finding solo fame)


primal scream - kowalski (from vanishing point)

ultrasound - kurt russell (from 'best wishes' CD single)

more fun:

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Yo a-hat. Have you arranged it so you get money from people buying stuff on amazon? You should - you'd get money!