Tuesday, 17 April 2007

'97 mentality


Exhibit G

Ten years ago The Source was well-worth buying, chiefly to find out what crazy concepts No Limit Records and the Pen and Pixel studios had come up with for their monthly shedload of new albums by artists from the durrrrrty south. My favourite featured a pineapple made of gold. I forget who the artist was. Big Tymerz? Young Bleed? The send-up on the inside cover of the Black Star album was also brilliant.

Stupid they may have been. But while Pen and Pixel are still on their grind, I can't think of a recent rap album cover that's grabbed my attention in the same way. Come on, present-day rappers: more exploding obelisks, piles of shiny coins, uncomfortable-looking women, Doric columns and things on fire, please!

Here's "cat loving gangster" Louis Theroux, getting the full P&P treatment in his documentary on gangsta rap. His visit to Master P's house in the same episode was equally bizarre.

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