Wednesday, 28 March 2007

sea of cortez

who in the hell needs six versions of neil young's epic anti-colonial axe-monster 'cortez the killer', good, bad and indifferent? a galactic mystery to which no solution is provided here. but, like herpes and blogging, there's a lot of it about. maybe r. kelly and lil' wayne will get up on the remix.

wikipedia is particularly good on this song, describing how in singing about the aztecs, neil young "explicitly acknowledges, before and after some guitar work, both human sacrifice and the immense human toll of building their pyramids". such things come easily before and after some guitar work.

neil young - 'cortez the killer' original!

built to spill - 'cortez the killer' indie!

marissa nadler - 'cortez the killer' ethereal!

slint - 'cortez the killer' unexpected!

sunroof - 'cortez the killer' instruMENTAL!

dave matthews band and warren haynes - 'cortez the killer' masculine!

more fun:

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