Monday, 16 April 2007

Midlake live, Oxford Zodiac, 13 February

Wow. Midlake are a philosopher’s stone of a band. Elemental. Pure. They’ve discovered the matter from which all mid-paced US indie rock originates. Think Mercury Rev without the sense of wonder. My Morning Jacket without the arena-sized sound. Smog without the dry humour. Pavement without the Fall. Guided By Voices without the drunken chaos. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah without the oddness. Spoon without the … what was Spoon’s remarkable characteristic again?

They seem like nice guys, and keep their hair neat and their beards trim. If I caught them at a festival, in the middle of the day, all loaded on cider, I wouldn't mind them at all. Best of luck to them. Next time I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and wonder what band is soundtracking that but where, y’know, nothing much is happening and stuff? That’ll be them. The world is yours, Midlake. Don’t get too excited or nothing.

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