Friday, 13 April 2007

in accordance with the rules....

so it turns out that pete doherty and carl barat got together onstage in hackney yesterday. as a british music blog, GMS is under obligation to post a youtube thing of carl doing a tapdance, and a link to NME's embarrassing blog. just don't do it too often, lads - mick foley and ric flair flogged the life out of the 'old adversaries come out of retirement one night only' angle years ago.

by complete coincidence, i listened to the second libertines album this morning, for the first time since it came out. as i'm probably the only person on planet earth to have performed this task, it is my solemn duty to report that it still sucks.

more fun:

in brighter news, ekko has posted another cracking A to Zee, on MF Doom

oh word's cam'ron piece deserves another link

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