Friday, 5 October 2007

on Anon.

morning, blog readers! occasionally i can be bothered to have coherent thoughts about pop music and write them out in complete sentences. but a lot of the time i leave that to commenters, who are always welcome.

one of the most deft and devastating i've received came from 'anonymous' (seriously?), and concerned singing sensation will oldham's duet with scout niblett, 'kiss'. i repost it in case anybody missed out:

"Im surprised to hear Will Oldham singing with Scout Niblett who doesnt seem to have much talent for music or singing. Her annoying voice struggles desperately to sound like Chan Marshall but just doesnt seem to get there. Its also a joke that Scouts trying to mime her way into this southern bell indie lead in America when its so obvious shes just English. Will Oldham is also spreading his overly used talents in too many pointless places at once, which gets very boring after a while. I pass big time on the Scout, Oldham duet thing. A desperate plea to be heard with no regards for all the migraines it will cause."

i mention this because will and scout have made a video for said song, which i think is very good. you should watch it, but maybe with your fingers in your ears if you've been migrained by scout before. i wonder what anonymous will think. the floor is open.

incidentally, put 'anonymous commenter' into the wu-tang name generator and you get 'well-liked assman'. is this you?

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