Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Will Oldham antics round-up

Once upon a time, keeping up with multiple-monikered beard-wearing folk behemoth Will Oldham meant paying over the odds for 7”s at the record fair, occasionally checking the Royal Stable, and hoping he’d put out another Lost Blues comp to make things simpler. But this is 2007, and Will's on a mission to become known as the alt-country Lil' Wayne, so you need Google Reader and shit. I bet you’re glad GMS is here to make things easier though?

Will dances on a tractor to Kanye West! But you already knew about that.

Will covers Mariah Carey! This is "bad music", I'm told.

Will collaborates with Mark Lanegan, covering Neil Young on the Soulsavers record! This scores highly in Top Trumps. No sign of Greg Dulli, though.

Soulsavers (feat. Mark Lanegan & Will Oldham) - 'Through My Sails' (Neil Young cover)

Will (who's previously covered 'Ignition') acts alongside R Kelly in chapter 15 of Trapped In The Closet!

We already know Will’s been bothering Jeffrey Lewis.

Will also played a great hometown gig in 1999. Get it at Captain’s Dead!

Will sings in French with Soy un Caballo!

Will repaid the favour to Valgeir Siggurdson, who produced The Letting Go, by providing vocals on one of his songs!

Evolution Of Waters-Valgeir Sigurdsson & Bonnie Prince Billy

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Will chats awkwardly about Cuba with Nation Of Ulysses / Make Up / Weird War legend Ian Svenonius!

Will acts some more, in Old Joy, which has a Yo La Tengo soundtrack! Did anybody see this? It looks a bit “low key”: no vampires or explosions.

Will duets with Scout Niblett! This is probably the pick of the bunch. Apparently they did this live on Will’s last British tour, which I wish I’d seen.

Scout Niblett (feat. Will Oldham) - 'Kiss'

Any I've missed?


Anonymous said...

Im surprised to hear Will Oldham singing with Scout Niblett who doesnt seem to have much talent for music or singing. Her annoying voice struggles desperately to sound like Chan Marshall but just doesnt seem to get there. Its also a joke that Scouts trying to mime her way into this southern bell indie lead in America when its so obvious shes just English. Will Oldham is also spreading his overly used talents in too many pointless places at once, which gets very boring after a while. I pass big time on the Scout, Oldham duet thing. A desperate plea to be heard with no regards for all the migraines it will cause.

Ass Hat said...