Monday, 8 October 2007


One hundredth damn post. I still don’t know why I bother, and long may that continue. See below for the sort of thing that bloggers do on such occasions.

Kyuss – ‘100 degrees’ (live in San Francisco, 1994, original on Sky Valley)

The Game – ‘100 Bars: The Funeral’

Prague – ‘A Century Of Fakers’ (Belle & Sebastian cover, from A Century Of Covers)

Wilco – ‘One Hundred Years From Now’ (Gram Parsons cover, from Return of the Grievous Angel)

Blur – ‘End Of A Century’ (from Parklife)

Mekons – ‘100% Song’ (from The Curse of the Mekons)

Raekwon – ‘100 Rounds’ (from Immobilarity)

Termanology – ‘100 Jewelz’ (from Hood Politics IV)

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