Sunday, 14 October 2007

Rodney P: good at videos

Northern Author has been good enough to upload his own compilation of rarities, guest spots and singles from UK hip hop veteran and legend (hell, they’re all veterans and legends in UK hip hop), Rodney P. His post got me noticing that mister P (no relation to Sean, Styles, Percy, Master, El-) has produced a string of entertaining videos on a low-to-middling shoestring, often featuring his buddies like Skinnyman and “people’s poet” Benjamin Zephaniah.

Here’s ‘Riddim Killa’, from 2004’s The Future, with a nice Warriors nod and some Cineplex larks:

Here’s Rodney and Terry Hall this year, featuring on Dub Pistols’ version of the Stranglers’ ‘Peaches’. I particularly like this one, with Rodney dropping effortlessly into a hilarious, leery white-van-man accent with more skill than Mike Skinner could muster. Me old mucker.

Here’s ‘Nice Up’, from The Future, with a kerrazy London cab concept:

His old group, London Posse, tended to stick to Wu-style low-budget mean mugging. ‘How’s Life In London?’ from 1993:

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