Wednesday, 3 October 2007

i got tha hook up

No posts for a while around these parts. GMS was planning on going to pop concerts by Richard Hawley, Lethal Bizzle, Poison The Well, Gallows and the Decemberists, and then saying what they were like on the internet. But a combination of incompetence and the unfailing desire of “the Man” to keep me down has meant that I’ve repeatedly failed to gain admittance to the NEW LOOK BEER-SPONSORED OXFORD CARLING BEER-SPONSORED ACADEMY MUSIC VENUE GO ON DRINK SOME CARLING IT’S BEER. To quote the Game: “I hate the system. I hate all systems.”

Get out of my face, "the Man"

But never mind – comment is free and goes on unheeded. Weighing in this week:

Not a Blogger weighs up the prospects of XXL’s ten next-generation MCs. Wit, passion and accuracy ensue.

No Trivia dissects an excellent new Raekwon photograph – which is more interesting than most of XXL’s next-generation rappers.

yoinked from

Daily Growl looks at two interesting new records: iLiKETRAiNS’ history-tastic post-Hope Of The States opus Elegies From Lessons Learnt and Jeffrey Lewis’ perverse decision to cover twelve Crass songs on 12 Crass Songs.

I likes me a bit of Belle & Sebastian, but not this much: indie mp3 looks at Bowl & Sebastian: Bowl Your Hand Child You Strike Like A Peasant.

Those crazy iNTERNETS CELEBRiTiES have done it again: ‘Cereal Is Dope’. They also posted outtakes, which are better, for my money, especially “When you wake up the next morning, get a fucking job!” and “Instead of being racist, make a fucking keg of cereal.”

Finally, my bro’ unhemmed wrote a post about the indie rock forays of the “I’m from
Barnsley”-style poet Simon Armitage, and the smugly self-deprecating “I’m from Northern Ireland”-style poet Paul Muldoon. And got a comment from Armitage’s band-mate. Bonus!

Coming up on GMS, maybe

’97 mentality: can we reach Exhibit Z by the end of 2007?

Los Campesinos live – if the BEER PALACE OF SWEET DELICIOUS CARLING BEER lets me in.

The Oxford English Dictionary … of ROCK

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