Monday, 13 August 2007

“how high’s the water, momma?”

the old GMS stoop

Hello! My blog game’s been on hold for several weeks, in part owing to a tedious bonanza of floods. In the time off, I’ve done some thinking, and some growing. I think we all have. Hey people of the world, stop firing SUVs at the ozone layer! Anyway, peace to all flood victims, GMS readers and users of low-energy lightbulbs.

Here is a photo-documentary, from my extra lo-fi spy camera, disguised as a mobile phone. It's all enlivened by songs about flood-related issues! Enjoy.


Those Bastard Souls – ‘In The Wake Of Your Flood’ (from Debt & Departure)

Mark Lanegan – ‘The River Rise’ (from Whiskey For The Holy Ghost)

some folks just don't got no sense

Sandy Denny – ‘Down In The Flood’ (from North Star Grassman and the Ravens)

Delays – ‘There’s Water Here’ (from Faded Seaside Glamour)

taken from aston's eyot. the finest eyot in the whole of the o.x.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Lost In The Flood’ (live, June 2005, original on Greetings from Asbury Park NJ)

Judee Sill – ‘Tumblin’ Down Comes The Waters’ (unreleased, I reckon; here's a comp)

"chant this anthem, swing like pete sampras"

Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘River In The Road’ (from Era Vulgaris)

Neko Case – ‘Fox Confessor Brings The Flood’ (live in
Munich, 2006, from the album of the same name)

locals recreate the opening credits of 'Gentle Ben'

Delgados – ‘Everything Goes Around The Water’ (from Peloton)

Andrew WK – ‘I Get Wet’ (from I Get Wet)

"rougher than how DeBarge is, catching charges"

Beck – ‘Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods’ (live in London, 2003, original on One Foot in the Grave)

Phil Lynott – ‘A Little Bit Of Water’ (from The Philip Lynott Album)

south hinksey, gone all 'Spirited Away'

Doves – ‘Caught By The River’ (from The Last Broadcast)

Uncle Tupelo – ‘High Water’ (from Anodyne)

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