Sunday, 22 July 2007

"warm smell of fajitas"

ukulele orchestra of great britain, proving that g.w.f. handel is to pop music what james brown is to hip hop. wait til the 3.30 mark.

more fun:

gilbert white has a blog. here he is a fortnight after the american revolution:
"July 22, 1776 – Bees swarm the swarm of a swarm, which swarmed itself at the beginning of June. A neighbour has had nine swarms from four stalls: two apiece from three of them, & three from one."

berkeley place is on a roll:
smashing pumpkins a to z
humongous covers post
decemberists rarities
springsteen covers a to z
john paul jones, ben harper, m. ward and ?uestlove play led zep at bonnaroo

captain's dead has the beach boys and the grateful dead on stage together at the last night of the fillmore east in 1971

no trivia holds forth: uffie is more than just an empty ironist, you empty ironists! but she's still not much cop.

straight bangin' is campaigning to have tony yayo reincarcerated

daily cognition on the most absurd tv premises of all time.

floodwatch has put together a 45-minute best of dj premier. boom and indeed bap. funnily enough, yours truly is on floodwatch in south oxford. if there are no posts for a while, it's because i'm underwater. possibly watching clams.

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