Friday, 31 August 2007

'97 mentality

There's a prunes-based joke to be made here


Exhibit L

More half-crazy, half-brilliant ranting from KRS One, over at the Megatron Don.

As well as contradicting himself in every other sentence, in his usual, passionate, entertaining way, KRS gives his take on the '97 mentality. Back in '87, he says, 1977 was the golden age. In '97, everybody loved rap from 1987. Today, 1997 is considered hip hop's last great year.

But wait (he continues)! London has crack, guns and bling - it's recreating 1997! Europe has b-boys, graffiti and lyricists - they're recreating 1987! Africa is putting out groundbreaking stuff, like in 1977!

All of which begs the question: by Malcolm Maclaren's theory, years ending -7 bring with them musical revolutions - post-war pop boom in '47, rock'n'roll taking off in '57, the summer of love in '67, punk in '77, acid house in '87. in 1997 the world changed again: epoch-making releases include limp bizkit's 3 dollar bill y'all, insane clown posse's great milenko, and this.

so, is 2007 the dawning of a new age? having listened to kanye west's graduation, dallas penn thinks so. perhaps - it's a pretty great pop record. but when did daft punk, whose influence is all over it, release their debut album? 1997.

More gems from KRS - try to keep up:

"i am very impressed with hip hop today. it's moving forward. it's better than it's ever been"

"hip hop has had its day, it's going to taper off"

"for my kids, the Disney channel is their hip hop"

"hip hop is America's foreign policy"

"classic rock was once the hip hop of this country"

"hip hop is becoming American classical music"

"the whole music industry is over: death to the music industry, and I'm with it. I carved the RIAA's tombstone back in the 80s"

"even Floridians don't get in the pool"

"the crew of the Queen Mary is all hip hop"

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