Sunday, 15 July 2007

'97 mentality

1997 vs 2007

Exhibit K

On his new mixtape, Do The Right Thing, Kardinal Offishall has included a reworking of Cappadonna’s ‘’97 Mentality’, a hip-hop cover version of Biggie’s ‘Respect’, and a song about stuff from the 80s that includes references to Randy Savage and George ‘The Animal’ Steele. Clearly he reads Galactic Mystery Solvers. Who the hell doesn’t?

The tape also has inventive cover art, which is nice. As a whole, it’s a pretty decent mix of 90s beats and nifty rhyming (sometimes more shouting than rapping, though). But why in the hell he’s signed to Akon’s label is a mystery to me – he sounded a lot better on Marco Polo’s indie throwback beats, while ‘Graveyard Shift’ the lead single (which features Akon’s rapping debut) is truly awful. But ‘2007 Mentality’ is respectable next to the original:

Kardinal Offishall (feat. Yonge C) – ‘2007 Mentality’

Cappadonna (feat. Ghostface) – ‘’97 Mentality’

Kardinal Offishall – ‘Respect’ (Notorious BIG cover)

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