Sunday, 8 July 2007

i got tha hook up

“cars: german, rugs: persian, links: cuban”

Kenny Rogers’ gambler is my gambling theme. I saw his TV series in a charity shop the other day, but they wanted £2.99 for it. This ain’t a charity! These guys go the whole 9:

an incredible set from the reunited, original sebadoh line-up.
if you're not lo-fi enough to take over 90 minutes of the ‘doh, the sludged-out version of ‘gimme indie rock’ is essental listening.

Yaphet Kotto for President.

Steve Albini answers questions from all-comers on a poker forum.

Listening to the T.I. album was a negative, and right now I need two positives. One to cancel it out, and one … just to have a positive. If you feel the same way, head here.

The Thick Of It special that aired this week was brilliant, as usual. Note: the scriptwriters employ a swearing consultant. But hold on: an American remake by the Spinal Tap team AND the guy behind Arrested Development! Come on, American TV networks, pick this up.

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