Thursday, 12 July 2007

Richard Hawley - 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours'

A new single from the man Hawley. Apparently there's a new album to come "in the fall". Which I reckon is a GREAT idea. In fact, I'm going to see him play a pop concert soon. Watch this space for a review!

While this doesn't feel as fully-realised as the fantastic Coles Corner, it does feature ASBO teens, pigeons, QVC, Richard Hawley's wonky teeth, folly redeemed by ingenuity, and the same TV as I've got. Indie!

Richard used to play guitar in the Longpigs, who were a sort of Happy Shopper Radiohead, though on reflection perhaps they had a few skills of their own. Spot Richard's Jonny Greenwood moves in 'She Said', which is a bit like 'Just'.

... and in 'On and On', which is a bit like 'High and Dry'.

... all of which makes me wonder: which of today's second-tier indie-rock journeymen will blossom, Hawley-like, into the debonair Orbisongwriters of the 2010s? I'm off to Ladbroke's to put £4.50 on the one with the hair out of Tokyo Police Club.

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