Tuesday, 13 March 2007

i got tha hook up

Grandmaster Flash and (three of) the Furious Five. Shivers down the spine stuff. Raheim's verse is excellent. Melle Mel is pretty good, and looks like his arms are about to explode. The middle rapper (Mr. Ness? Kidd Creole?) drops the ball, though.


Nice work as ever by Kwaya Na Kisser: Sparklehorse: Live at Fingerprints Records, Long Beach, CA., Feb 8 2007.

Andrew WK: "I love tourists. They're excited about everything." Link

Aquarium Drunkard has news on the new Duke Spirit covers EP, which sounds excellent.

Coming up on Galactic Mystery Solvers:

Ramblous musings on 'Sky Blue Sky' by Wilco: hint - blogger likes Wilco.

Bright Eyes live review: will Oberst carry on his beef with the late great John Peel like last time?

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