Sunday, 4 March 2007

old school new school

the current glut of mixtapes and diss tracks made strictly for the internets in a matter of hours results in a lot of forgettable crap out there. but occasionally there's a danger of genius slipping under the radar. three up:

the game - 'soundscan'

this was overshadowed by the sheer magnitude of game's 100-, 200-, 300-bar diss tracks, and by the royal rumble of all remixes for 'one blood'. it's also dated by its initial focus on the first-week sales for lloyd banks' 'rotten apple' (yeah, i had to google that title). but worth remembering, if only for the first couplet - why did he need 300 bars when he can destroy banks that fast? plus i'm all in favour of people putting 'kingdom come' beats to better uses than jay-z did.

jim jones feat. stack bundles & j.r. writer - 'ballin' on xmas'

dipset are usually the embodiment of worthless over-production, and 'a dipset xmas' is execrable. but here they outdo themselves in boneheaded clownery, elevating the track into (intentional?) comic genius. if stack bundles never does anything else of worth in his life (and chances are he won't), his first verse will never stop getting played chez GMS. jones' ad-libs are as stupid as ever, and j.r. writer thinks it appropriate to make amends for "i grab a ho ho ho / and make it rain-dear" by doling out homophobic threats in a christmas song. priceless.

ghostface feat. raekwon & lil' wayne - 'run part. 2' (from the 'broiled salmon' mixtape)

no shortage of ghost and wayne in '06, but that's no reason to overlook this update of the best track on 'pretty toney', featuring both rappers, plus an above-par raekwon verse. wayne doesn't quite top jadakiss' awesome verse on the original, but good nonetheless. plus i like how he says "ayo ghostface". ayo wayne.

more fun:

captain's dead has queens of the stone age live in '05.

culture bully has ian svenonius interviewing will oldham.

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