Friday, 21 March 2008

being snoop dogg

i'm a reasonable man, but on a slow day i like to imagine that i'm snoop dogg.

most of the time i'll just zone out and marvel at my 7ft frame and my freakishly large hands. sometimes i'll imagine i'm starring in my own hollywood movie, where i have to pretend to be a 1970s pimp. on the set, i have good times with my pal, big-nosed blonde male owen wilson.

my imagination is kind of limited, and there are lots of snoop dogg things i've never done, even in my head: rolling in my 6-4, for instance, or picking a fight in a UK airport. i've certainly never smoked a pound of herb, hit the studio with the bloke out of house of pain, and recorded a twang-heavy tribute to johnny cash. but i think it's a great thing to do. listen and see if you agree:

snoop dogg - 'my medicine'
(from ego trippin')

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c-unit said...

Great stuff. Start of a new regular feature?