Tuesday, 11 March 2008

GMS presents: Seven Deadly Sins - The New Vatican Mixtape

the vatican is a city in the middle of rome responsible for popes, small football teams, oddly-dressed soldiers, pretty ceilings and raekwon mixtapes.

it's 2008, and the vatican has stepped its game up. it last published a list of seven deadly sins in the sixth century. since then, biggie and 2pac have passed away, australia has had an olympics, and akon has taken over the airwaves. hence versace-sporting classy-freddie-blassie-lookalike pope cardinal ratzinger has issued seven new sins to get all worked up about. some funny, some tragic. i'm not sure whether this was issued in the form of a 'papal bull', but i sure hope so.

whether you're indulging in sin, avoiding it at all costs, or inspired by an missionary urge to rid the world of it, you'll need some fine tunes to keep your head nodding while you go about your business. GMS hereby issues an accompanying mixtape - sing when you're sinning! or not sinning. enjoy!

1. "bioethical" violations such as birth control

company flow - 'population control' (from funcrusher plus)

2. "morally dubious" experiments such as stem cell research

sean price - 'frankenstein' (featuring buckshot & tek) (from master p)

3. drug abuse

gram parsons - 'green, green grass of home' (from sleepless nights)

4. polluting the environment

fu manchu - 'king of the road' (from king of the road)

5. contributing to widening divide between rich and poor

common sense - 'chapter 13 (rich man vs poor man)' (from resurrection)

6. excessive wealth

fairport convention - 'million dollar bash' (from unhalfbricking)

7. creating poverty

taj mahal - 'stealin' (live, 1974) (buy)

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