Sunday, 6 April 2008

GMS muxtape vol. 1 - talking to god

"at night i talk to god, but he don't say nothing back
i know he's protecting me, but still i stay with my hat"

hello there. here's the new, first, inaugural galactic mystery solvers muxtape. haven't heard of muxtape? it's a thing on the internet. give it a go.

the inaugural GMS muxtape isn't about hats, though. that was just to get your attention. a future one might be about hats. i'm keeping that under my hat.

this one's about talking to god. or jesus. whichever, as the unitarians used to say. singers have been talking to god since they were monks, back in the day. they're still doing it, as far as i can tell. in your face, richard dawkins!

1. blind willie mctell - 'lord, send me an angel'
2. lift to experience - 'waiting to hit'
3. karen o - 'highway 61 revisited'
4. million dollar quartet - 'just a little talk with jesus'
5. segarini & bishop - 'dear jesus god'
6. sebadoh - 'god told me'
7. flaming lips - 'plastic jesus'
8. iggy pop - 'turn blue'
9. kitty wells - 'will your lawyer talk to god?'
10. highwaymen - 'why me, lord?'
11. mavis staples - 'jesus is on the main line'
12. spiritualized - 'lord, can you hear me?'

bonus video: shellac - 'a prayer to god'

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