Saturday, 1 March 2008

hope springs eternal - Hope Of The States, that is!

i, for one, highly approved of military-get-up-wearing, politically-righteous, americanophile post-rock ennio morricone fans hope of the states. until they went all sh** and split up. but at least iliketrains have sort of filled the gap they left. apparently their violinist is now lightspeed champion's violinist. there's a thing!

but wait! according to some people on the internet, ex-members of HOTS have imaginatively named themselves palace. watch out guys - will oldham doesn't mess around! remember what happened to jeffrey lewis.

palace have a myspace page, which comes with the territory. it also comes with some interesting songs - obviously demos, and not quite good, they combine the sort of awkwardly-theatrical joy divisionisms that pulp used to do in the 80s, with jagged buzzsaw guitars that sound like early sonic youth covering ministry. can i have a job at NME now?

the myspace page has no info on it, so maybe the people on the internet are lying. in which case, maybe this is just a half-hearted plug for a potentially-interesting myspace band. can i have a job at drownedinsound now?

while i'm at it, other members are in the equally-ungooglable troubles, who play vocal-free folk-inflected stuff, somewhere between godspeed and beirut. in the world of myspace, troubles are friends with josh t. pearson from lift to experience, whom i missed at the last all tomorrow's parties festival. how's about that? it looks like they have an album coming out. it's called 'wolf'. i reckon i'll be "checking" for it.

don't let that be the end of it! apparently blocks is also part of the HOTS diaspora. i know: the name fills me with confidence and joie de vivre too. looks like blocks is the vehicle of HOTS lead singer sam herlihy from the photo, though he's got some polythene in the way, so it's hard to tell. is he a sex person? should someone be helping him out? anyway, he's doing electronica now, and i can't be having with that. shout-outs nonetheless. if you're up on electronica, give it a listen and let me know if he's nailed it.

palace myspace page

troubles myspace page

blocks myspace page

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