Saturday, 23 February 2008

quid pro quo

do you remember the other day, when i posted highlights from a wu-tang radio show from 1997? you're not concentrating, are you? it's right here.

anyway, in that post, i mentioned a 1994 set, also on radio one (mark tonderai's show), that was floating around. the good people of wu-tang mountain, who were paying attention, have dug it up. here it is. if anybody has audio of the wu at brixton academy in 1998, i'd just about go ape!

while i'm at it, berkeley place has the wu live in 2007. that's just last year!

more links? hip hop is read has been making compilation albums out of all the tracks sampled on various classic hip hop records, which is a great idea and a lot of work. plenty of wu-solo albums in the list. they've been hitting about one a day, and so far james brown is winning, with 'nautilus' by bob james getting more play than the guns of navarone on a bank holiday.

from da bricks did the same for illmatic over at oh word, along with a lot of background info on the originals and their use by nas' small army of super-producers.

how's about a video: 'protect your neck' live in 1993.

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