Wednesday, 13 February 2008

godspeed shenanigans and a free live album by a silver mt. zion

"i felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a million souls cried out in torment and were silenced at once"

that quote from some movie just about begins to describe the earth-shuddering impact of the recent news about canadian post-rock anarchists godspeed you! black emperor.

to whit: godpseed have been on "indefinite hiatus" for five years. efrim, godspeed's 'frontman' (pace bakunin) told website A why godspeed haven't done much (it's the economy, stupid, to paraphrase). website B reported this as an announcement that godspeed had split up. efrim told website C that this was a misquote, and that the 'permanent hiatus' was still in place. phew! back to critical but stable. beige alert. what a bumpy ride, though!!!

anyway, website D - GMS, that is - is sure that this wasn't some cunning ploy to get his band's name in the news ahead of the release of the new silver mt. zion album. this isn't radiohead we're talking about, people! but what the hey - in the absence of godspeed, who put out really good albums and did really good live shows, we have a silver mt. zion, who do the same, only with more blues riffs and gawky shouting about hangmen with hard-ons.

the zion's new record, 13 blues for 13 moons comes out soon. to whet your appetites, GMS has compiled a live version of the four-song opus, all from a 2007 show in brussels. it's top drawer, really.

a silver mt. zion - 'one million died to make this sound' (live)

a silver mt. zion - '13 blues for 13 moons' (live)

a silver mt. zion - 'black waters bowed / engine broke blues' (live)

a silver mt. zion - 'blindblindblind' (live)

even more fun:

here's the whole show in massive VBR format

and in modest 64kb format

or you can stream it here:

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