Sunday, 17 February 2008

doing the decent thing

a quick head's up about a tasty british mp3 blog, two headed boy, which has some cracking live shows for download. a quick two-heads up, then. he commented on my kick-ass blog, so i reckon he's alright. if you like tindersticks, magnetic fields, red house painters, jens lekman, nick cave, or mordant wit, ch-ch-check him out.

and here we have the dresden dolls, who are pretty good, covering neutral milk hotel's 'two headed boy'. coincidences keep happening.

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tfrancis said...

it is i, twoheadedboy! thanks for the nice words, i went to see dresden dolls last year (i think), half way through they both left their instruments and took to the centre of the stage, brian had an acoustic guitar and started tuning or whatever and i thought "that really sounded like two-headed boy" then they launched into it, it kicked ass!