Thursday, 7 February 2008

crank dat richard hawley

i went to see richard hawley play a pop concert the other day. it really was bloody good. if i get round to it, i'll write a review of it for my kick-ass blog, which will say that it was bloody good, except with more adjectives and the names of a couple of songs he played.

until then, two facts:

fact one - the merch stand was selling richard hawley's own-brand version of henderson's relish, named 'the hawley special'. this is pop brilliance, and deserves a pop prize. it's going in my next stew, a recipe for which might then arrive on my kick-ass blog.

fact two - there are three really good songs on hawley's latest album lady's bridge, and he's released them all as singles. they all have great videos, directed by shane meadows. here's the latest, the grandiose walker brothers-style 'valentine'. just in time for, well, you guessed it. watch this video now:

more, you ask? more! here's an interview and an impromptu version of 'ain't that a shame':

and here's 'tonight the streets are ours' from later ... with jools holland:

yet more hawley on GMS

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csonic said...

How's the Henderson's Relish? Have you tried any of it yet, perhaps a few drops in a sandwich?

I hear Peter Stringfellow brings a bottle with him when he goes on holiday.