Saturday, 2 August 2008

homunculus wingding

good news from freak-folk-land, readers!

had long considered devendra banhart a respectable tyrannosaurus rex tribute act who would never raise his game and pen 'ride a white swan'; always destined to be indie-rock's second-best r. kelly fan.

but here's his new video, for the tropicalia-style 'carmensita'. it brings back memories of watching the mahabharat on saturday afternoons in the early 90s. the BBC needs to bring that back - it was like the wire, only in 9th-century-BC India, and with cardboard weaponry.

'carmensita' also contains mention of a homunculus. uncle lawrence would be proud.

more fun:

tyrannosaurus - 'deborah' (live at kempton park, 1968)

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