Saturday, 9 August 2008

dexys midnight runners week

hello readers! it's dexys midnight runners week all week here on GMS.

over the next seven days, we'll be revisiting the peaks and troughs of kevin rowland's brilliant, eccentric career. by re-visiting, i expect i mean posting some youtube videos. we'll also be exploring dexys' intriguing relationship with UK tv comedy. by exploring, i expect i mean posting some youtube videos.

we'll start at the beginning, with 'dance stance (burn it down)' from 1979 - one of the greatest opening tracks, from one of the greatest debut albums, from the greatest british band evarr. except maybe pulp. play it loud. "jimmy? yeah! sal? yeah! for god's sake burn it down..."

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Anonymous said...

I just can't understand how a band like Dexys didn't become known all over the world. Even more, they are considered a one hit wonder by many!!! Thank you for doing this - it can change their image at least a little and bring their music to more people, and the world should listen to the Dexys.