Saturday, 16 August 2008

dexys week: the 2003 comeback

in 2003, dexys returned to the stage. GMS caught them in sunny basingstoke, and it was fine as fuck, if you'll pardon the expression. kevin's voice wasn't what it once was, but he was ably backed up by pete williams, re-creating billy adams' side-man role from don't stand me down. the lounge sound and theatrical interludes had a lot of the audience heading for the doors. for my money, it was the best reunion gig i've ever seen.

you don't see my bloody valentine or the pixies in pinstripe suits, after all.

'c'mon eileen'



Anonymous said...

Thank you for Dexy's! He might look a bit older and balder now but I still love the music.

Top quality videos also!

Best wishes from Germany!

Have a look at in the future. Probably you will soon find their 1982 Rockpalast gig in Germany there. Lots of other concerts and much more...


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