Saturday, 2 June 2007

"trill recognise trill"

. . . to which GMS can only say “indeed”.

good things about the new dizzee rascal album maths and english:
(i) a track with a swearing in the title built around ‘it takes two’ by rob base and ez rock – a song that features in the music round of GMS’ local pub quiz every single week
(ii) “don’t be a wally / be more jolly / go home make a cup of tea and watch corrie” – wise words, especially as that nasty paul connor is rumoured to die in a car-wreck this week. but what will become of leanne?
(iii) the latest chapter in ugk’s quest to guest on every 2007 release, essentially with the same verses:
dizzee rascal (feat ugk) – were da gs?
dizzee rascal - 'sirens'

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