Friday, 8 June 2007

i got the hook-up

No Galactic Mysteries will be solved in the coming seven days, as GMS is taking an up north trip (no, not to the state pen, that would be rubbish). Here’s some fun in the meantime:

Sex Pistols – ‘Holidays in the Sun’ (live at Winterland, 1978)

Poisonous Paragraphs looks back at Tricky’s career.
Re: hip hop covers – I forgot that Tricky did a nice version of ‘Lyrics of Fury’ too.

Aural Fitness has Tom Waits covered in Polish. Of course. Shout out to unhemmed, holding it down in Warsaw.

My man Double S reviews a wack-ass new break-dancing video game, generally takes ‘em back to school.

Street Census has the top ten diss tracks of the 1980s.

Berkeley Place has the Beasties live in 1982. A little more energetic than The Mix-Up, then.

Captain’s Dead has a live show by the Band. He gets a plug on account of referring to Commando in his post title. “Put away your chicken-shit gun, Bennett.”

Was planning to review Marco Polo’s Port Authority, but Passion of the Weiss said it all: best rap album of the year so far.

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