Wednesday, 16 May 2007

"was told in shoot-outs stay low and keep firing"

yesterday southampton went out of the championship play-offs on penalties. hence i maintain my perfect record of never having seen a team i support win a shoot-out.

in their honour:

the breeders - 'saints' (live in washington, 1994)

radiohead - 'exit music' (live at glastonbury, 1997)
[incidentally, 97>07]

beck - 'loser' (live at the union chapel, 2003)

roy orbison - 'it's over'

arsonists - 'shit ain't sweet' (from as the world burns) [incidentally, what the hell happened to the arsonists?]

d'angelo - 'shit, damn, motherfucker' (from brown sugar)

in other news:

damn these internets love they lists. passion of the weiss and straight bangin' published their top 25 rap albums round-up, collated from over 100 blogs, plus a spreadsheet of the voting, which can only be described as "wizard". GMS' long-considered votes are on there, so no need to put them here. i'm just relieved i like exactly what everyone else likes. phew. otherwise i'd look silly.

berkeley place got in on the act, with the best indie rock albums (the mystery of spoon continues) and "bigging up" the ladies of indie rock. watch out, though - some of them are only wearing bras.

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