Thursday, 17 May 2007

"culture. sophistication. genius. a little bit more than an 'ot dog, know what i mean?"

GMS would like to register hearty approval of feted directorial wunderkid Paul W.S. Anderson's plan to remake The Long Good Friday with "contemporary overtones", and to set it in Miami, "the melting pot of crap", according to one imdb commentator.

This floats our large, gleaming-white party boat for five distinct reasons:

(i) after early career misfires like Shopping and Event Horizon, Anderson hit his stride with Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat and Alien vs Predator

(ii) Rick Ross was born to resurrect the Bob Hoskins role

(iii) "contemporary overtones"

(iv) the prospect of an ageing pierce brosnan resurrecting his role as a speedos-wearing IRA assassin

(iv) words from the Fresh Prince:
"Dont get me wrong Charlotte Town got it going on
and New York is the city that we know dont sleep.
And we all know the LA and Philly stay jiggy, but on the snake,

Miami bringing heat for real, ya'll dont understand."
On the snake, people. I repeat, on the snake.

in tribute:

the handsome family - 'so long' (live in amsterdam, 2001)
gillian welch - 'good till now' (from hell among the yearlings)
morrissey - 'friday mourning' (from you are the quarry [deluxe])

Pulp - 'Bad Cover Version'

more fun:

buy handsome family

buy gillian welch
buy morrissey
buy pulp

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