Tuesday, 10 November 2009

gigsplurge 3: gallon drunk, march 2000

Gallon Drunk, Oxford Zodiac, March 2000

Here's where the memory starts to falter. GMS talked to Gallon Drunk frontman and occasional Bad Seed James Johnston in the service of 'music journalism' prior to this gig. It transpired that Gallon Drunk were big in Greece (possibly still are--why not?), and Johnston was preoccupied with Greek toilet roll commercials.

In my memory, this was because the Drunk had recently licensed a murderously-brutal ode to the bottle to a Greek advertising company, enabling them to continue as Britain's hardest-working underrated swamp rock outfit for another few months. Perhaps Johnston was simply weighing up an offer. Perhaps he was inveighing against selling out to advertising execs, after Groop Dogdrill beat him to the Huggies contract. Can anyone enlighten me?

Anyway, a good gig by a greasy band with four brilliant albums under their belt, at which, futuristically, I used a digital camera. Gallon Drunk are still going, you know.

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