Sunday, 15 November 2009

gigsplurge 12: bellatrix & coldplay, twist, may 2000

Bellatrix & Coldplay, The Point, Oxford, 22 May 2000
Twist, The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford, May 2000

According to youtube, Bellatrix is either the UK female beatboxing champion, or a Japanese "electric-classical" quartet, or Helena Bonham-Carter. I'd like to find out more about the world of attractive crossover-classical musicians: I'll bet it's brutal. Bellatrix was also a Scandinavian indie-pop group signed, I think, to Fierce Panda. They must have had something to recommend them, as the co-headliners were bloody Coldplay again. But I can't remember what.

Twist were also all girls, and also disappeared without trace. They sounded like Hole and weren't all that bad; but they had a row on stage and one of them ended up sat on the pavement outside, crying. Not worth it, ladies.

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