Friday, 25 January 2008

verse of the week: crooked i - 'takeover freestyle' (plus the other 42 freestyles)

crooked i tends to get self-conscious about his crooked eye

crooked i
is the '92-era david gedge of freestyling west-coast rap hopefuls, inasmuch as he releases a handy, hard-working freestyle over a popular "club smash" every damn week.

to prove he's not cheating, mister i always refers to an event from the past week, like patti hearst reading the latest jeff weiss article in the la weekly to prove she's still locked in her cupboard. having received my news "podcast" in handy, digestible "rap" form, i feel happy to tackle my local pub quiz's 'in the news' round.

this week, crooked i tackles the devastating, doors-sampling beat from jay-z's 'takeover'. i reckon he does rather well. of course, like 'daytona 500' or 'all about the benjamins', you'd have to be mc rove not to sound tasty over 'takeover'. but after 43 weeks of this project, i think we can let crooked i shoot at an open goal once or twice.

crooked i is also kind enough to make all of these freestyles available for free. being a "boss", however, he might come round your house with his goons to call in any "debt" he thinks you've incurred. like, money for a kebab and a bus fare or something.

here's every one of them. scroll to the end to hear 'takeover', or start from the beginning, or whatever.

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