Tuesday, 22 January 2008

"reclaiming the right to feel": cat power and the hot boy$' gendered experience of the south

hey, this is nice. a new gadget that sits on my blog, letting you listen to pop without having to open a new window, or to steal it. let's hope it works!

folk tend to stop me on the street and say, "ass hat, i come to your great blog for two reasons - cover versions that don't really work, and that picture of lil' wayne with the iced out skull". knowing myself, as i do, i'm only too happy to oblige.

here's 'i feel', from the bonus disc of cat power's new covers record, jukebox.

jukebox isn't as good as her first covers record, the covers record, but it is better than i'd expected, given her karaoke-heavy performance at last year's all tomorrow's parties. like most cat power albums, it's really okay, but trails off a bit. the best song is the one she wrote herself, 'song for bobby'. it's not the best album of 2008: the best album of 2008 is by black mountain, and also by a silver mt. zion. still, here's how to buy jukebox.

'i feel' is a cover of 'i feel' by the hot boy$, whose album artwork is as bad as cat power's. the original features a less-than-byronic verse from wayne, but has a good bassline, so it does. buy guerrilla warfare too.

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