Wednesday, 14 November 2007

i got the hook-up

not much "popping" at gms HQ this week, as i've been busy at a local school. was i selling drugs? you'll just have to make your own minds up. anyway, i can confirm that "gay" is still the choice insult du juor amongst the kids.

some links:

this review / assault on the awful new dj khaled video 'i'm so hood' is the funniest thing i've ever seen published on the smoking section.

lt. bunk moreland from the wire (aka wendell pierce) performs waiting for godot in new orleans' 9th ward, tells the grauniad all about it.

fat lace's crap graf feature is a good read. today they have a defaced picture of cliff richard, and a shout-out to darts legend 'big' cliff lazarenko. on that note, a quote from darts commentator, screenwriter and cambridge classicist sid waddell: "Big Cliff Lazarenko's idea of exercise is sitting in a room with the windows open taking the lid off something cool and fizzy." more here.

floodwatch writes on album tracks that shouldn't be forgotten (the flaming lips' 'oh my pregnant head' from the magical transmissions from the satellite heart) and some that really should.

poisonous paragraphs is counting down his hundred favourite cult films of the internet age. the quality might deteriorate significantly towards the end, but the first two instalments are full of good stuff (like 13 tzameti and brick), and some guy ritchie stuff.

jamie's runout groove on shine - the britpop-era compilation-album series. hopefully he'll run with this one - posting songs by bands like 60ft dolls and heavy stereo. lovely stuff.

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