Tuesday, 1 December 2009

why women make good money for such a finger

GMS welcomes and encourages commenters. By heck, our posts exist to spark discussion, maybe even to challenge your preconceptions. Isn't that, at the end of the day, what the internet is about, reader?

As a genre, our favourites are Portuguese men selling electrical goods, and Americans preoccupied with the End of Days (not the film, the real one).

Regular readers will be keen to know more about the engaging Japanese conversation currently underway in response to provocative November post, 'join me on a magical journey'. Our faithful Japanese correspondent, Dave, has provided the following translation:

Married woman
H socializing with their wives, of course socializing practical-minded and OK! Here are their wives to taste erotic frustration. Immediately met, a young wife, celebrity, Mature, SM wife, secret, six more women want to play Please select from one genre

Side business
Million - 5 per day offers you can get a side business. Female celebrities nymphomaniac the next man he met on the Internet people are lying about eating with the power of money. Why women make good money for such a finger

H Checker
H Checker everyone to enjoy! Only the hidden answers to your questions in a simple frequency H is known to tea! Now try to diagnose Chau Muttsuri like him more than once Bale

The recent trend away from home message boards, and wrote many messages are runaway girl is walking around the Internet cafes, etc. stay. They are going to stay as soon as the men he met at the bulletin board at the house I have no money. Why even write you back an answer

I'm not sure where this conversation is going. But isn't that, at the end of the day, what the internet is about, reader? Don't click on the commenters' links, though: there are pictures of naked ladies!

Here's Shonen Knife, obviously:

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