Sunday, 16 November 2008

normal service presumed

hello american mp3 bloggers!

so, what are your thoughts on the inspirational candidacy of sanitor obama? do you think he’s got what it takes to win? leave a comment in the comments box, saying who you’re going to vote for.

speaking personally as myself, i haven’t yet adumbrated this forum to speak on senteror obama’s candidacy, with it’s themes of hope and change, or to articulate due hommage to his eloquence.

now, that drought can end.

advisedly, i live in a foreign country and am asleep while the American Nation has elections. but, as someone who has occasionally posted rap tunes, i feel it would go without saying to post an enormous picture.

time was, i’d had enough of all these politicians. like my man dizzee rascal, i thought they were all pretty much the same. do you know what i mean? that was, until i saw this:

the bullingdon club and it’s social wing, the Conservative party front-bench, is the true face-image of HOPE. hope that things will CHANGE. hope that CHANGE will work.

just as dentistor obama’s selection of joe budden as his running mate epitomizes and endorses his status as the hip-hop candidate, so the bullingdon’s decision to name themselves after Oxford’s indiest venue ushers in a vital new period of grass-roots DIY politics. heads are starting to recognise this shit, and rest assured, GMS will be in the vanguard of this particular sweep.

no great popular movement is the same without the endorsement of musicians. here, bonnie tyler has stepped up to the plate and given dap to the bullingdons in the webclip for her street anthem, ’total eclipse of the heart’. if you believe in democracy, you’ll stand up too, and make his thursday a total eclipse of the ballot box.

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