Saturday, 4 October 2008

bobbies on the beat

favourite types of police:

  1. natural pol-lice
  2. murder po-lice
  3. bad cops
and in pop:
  1. dream police
  2. karma police
  3. jazz police
john vanderslice - 'karma police' (radiohead cover, from okx)

leonard cohen - 'jazz police'
(from i'm your man)

cheap trick - 'dream police'


chris said...

what about those cats that are just plain old fashioned good po-lice?

Ass Hat said...

it's a fair cop. i'm all for good po-lice. but i felt they got some representation as a subset of 'natural po-lice'.

maybe not quite a sub-section. on a venn diagram, they'd intersect. as would murder po-lice. not bad cops, though.

if you can think of a fourth type of pop police, perhaps i can get my 'edit post' on.