Wednesday, 9 July 2008

tha quad is hot

regular readers know how i hold it down on the streets of oxford. either on the corner betting grants with the croquet champs, waiting for my connect to arrive on a barge, or our pouring a little port on the ground for colin matthew.

a lot of oxford rappers don't show their faces round the quad once they're cheddared up. they live up in kidlington an' shit, and their videos are mostly green-screen. but zuby lives the lyrics.

zuby hit the headlines across the UK today when five-o seized him at gunpoint on bournemouth station. a case of mistaken identity - lucky he's not brazilian. the southampton-bournemouth line has a reputation for being hardcore. i once got off at pokesdown and found a copy of daily operation in a second-hand store. true story.

anyway, here's zuby, warning folk not to mess with his family tree, and sounding a bit like the game. more power to that man. i'm drawing a blank on identifying the quad, inspector morse-style. is it teddy hall? i particularly like his posse, running down queen's lane like kris kristofferson at the start of heaven's gate. they look a little unthreatening, though. too early, perhaps?

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