Saturday, 7 June 2008

Tha Carter III and the decline of western civilisation

People are all pretty excited about this. But hey, blogland, let's get some damn perspective on this mother.

In GMS' house (and this is GMS' house), the Carter III means A.P., Sara and Mother Maybelle. Here are three shots of fiyah from the OG Carter Family. To quote Status Ain't Hood: "Boom. We're in banger territory":

Carter Family - 'John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man'

Carter Family - 'The Cannonball'

Carter Family - 'Carter's Blues'

At school, I learned all about <>. Thanks, Mrs Ashbolt!
As far as I can tell, though, things are mostly > these days.


Carter Family > Shawn Carter > Dwayne Carter

That's right. The Carter Family were so nails, they let the black sheep of the family, Jimmy, be President of the USA.

Shawn Carter, known to his mum as Jay-Z, got to be president of Def Jam, who sell records (though not as many as they used to).

Dwayne Carter, Lil' Wayne to his 'father figure', got to be president of Cash Money records. But then, I'm president of this blog. No-one's the president of me! QED.

Each of our three Carters substantiates the theory of pervasive late-twentieth-century decline, spiritual, moral, social and economic, a trend which I won't bother to describe or explain.


Johnny Cash married into the Carter family in the hope of having a biopic made about himself. But:

American Recordings > American 2 > American 3 > American 4 > American 5 > Neil Diamond

Numero deux: Jay-Z's not a businessman, he's a business, man. Accordingly, his musical output has been affected by the post-9/11 malaise affecting the US economy. Hence:

In My Lifetime vol. 1 > In My Lifetime vol. 2 > In My Lifetime vol. 3

He's still better than Wayne, though. Listennnn!

Jay-Z - 'A Billie' (more here)

As for Dwayne, our Carter number three:

Tha Carter > Tha Carter II > Tha Carter III

For "post-9/11 malaise" read "credit crunch".

And before we forget:



There we have it. A blogger who likes Illmatic. I feel all secure again. Do throw some <> action in the comments section, though. I love a bit of it.

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