Tuesday, 6 May 2008

good lord, a new page element

i said it in the title, but i'll say it again.

"good lord, a new page element"

there it is, on the right, below another page element. it's all about good stuff that's worth reading. it's to the twenty-first century what bentley's miscellany was to the nineteenth. except bentley's miscellany wasn't printed in khaki.

currently, you can broaden your horizons by reading about cliff richard's ongoing feud with general franco, a review of a recent nick cave gig, some conscious nonsense about processed cheese, a critical reinterpretation of a biz markie video, and a shellac show from 1993. but that'll change as soon as i read something else interesting. here's hoping it doesn't take too long.

do you want some music now?

bobby 'blue' bland - 'if you could read my mind' (from ain't nothing you can do)

ray charles - 'i've got news for you' (live in italy, 1984; original on genuis + soul = jazz)

devo 'that's good' (from hot potatoes: the best of devo)


Christopher said...

have you the best of devo?

Ass Hat said...

i do, and i recommend it. it's more or less my favourite devo album.