Thursday, 6 September 2007

The last refuge of the scoundrel

Hello there. The disturbingly idle amongst you may have noticed that a kick-ass new list of British music blogging types has appeared on GMS. Down a bit, and to the right.

In a fit of patriotic inactivity, your comptroller has been browsing blogs from home for a couple of weeks, and has compiled a fun clickable list. They’re a nicely diverse bunch, which is probably one reason most of them are under the US-dominated Hype Machine radar (though watch out, this one LOVES the hype machine). Only one blog is named after a Wilco song, only one after a Smiths lyric. Only one is completely, charmingly obsessed with Hadouken. You get the picture.

I might pick out a couple for honourable mention at some point. “Off the dome”, From Da Bricks (who is already famous), does proper writing about rap; To Die By Your Side does proper writing about indie gigs. Fat Lace is under the sinister aegis of Rawkus Records, but is also funny in an irreverent Viz-stylee that’s missing from a lot of rap blogging. Any of note that I've forgotten, drop a link in the comments.

Anyhow, in recognition of the nationalist agenda herein delivered, and of some other ‘ish I wrote elsewhere, here’s a song about a gay stripper from the incomparable Mark Eitzel.

Mark Eitzel – ‘Patriot’s Heart’ (live in Sweden, 2006)

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Tom OMG said...

Oh my god I'm in somebody's blogroll!
I'm so putting you in mine.